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The Future is Here

Here is a page that will be dedicated to updating everyone on our plans for the future of Sauder's West Highland White Terrier Kennel.  We have imported some exceptional quality puppies that we hope will do well in the CKC conformation ring and also produce some exceptional quality puppies for us when combined with our wonderful westies we already have. 

We have imported a female pup from overseas with an exceptional top pedigree in the fall of 2007 from a top show kennel and breeder in Slovakia.  Martina Krisova from Sunshine Celebration is the owner of the kennel and a wonderful lady to deal with and has wonderful dogs. We hope Sunne will make another great show dog and become a Sauder's Kennel Champion in the future.  Here is a pic from Slovakia of Sunne and her litter mates when they were about three weeks old.

And here is a picture after she came to Canada. Introducing "Over the Top Sunshine Celebration" or known around the house as Sunne.  She is a great pup.

And look at her now at six months, what a fabulous pup she is maturing into.  We have big hopes for her in the future.

We imported another female from a top show kennel and breeder in Hungary in the fall of 2007.  The kennel is O'lala Westies and it is run by Szoke Zsuzsanna and Dominika Dobi who are two other great people to deal with and have wonderful dogs.  This is the same kennel where Brigden or W.D.O'lala Big City Life came from.  I would like to introduce W.D, O'lala Crystal Palace otherwise known around the house as Crystal and she is a beautiful puppy with a great temperament and true terrier spunk. 

Our hope for a top quality stud dog started the long weekend of May 2007 at the Westie Specialty in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario when Brigden, a male we imported, entered the show ring with top professional handler Drobel Rojas, who made him look like a star.  He won some ribbons and as the weekend went on started to find his true westie confidence.  We feel with more show exposure he will be awesome.  Here is a picture of Brigden taken at the show with handler Drobel Rojas.


Here is a picture of Brigden when he was a baby still overseas at the O'lala kennel in Hungary before arriving to live in Canada.


All these exceptional pups can only improve all our future dreams for Sauder's West Highland White Terrier Puppies.

Brigden has matured into the wonderful dog I knew he would with an exceptional temperament.  He should produce some top quality puppies here at Sauder's Kennel and be a huge asset to our kennel. Brigden's  first litter with Keira was born in July 2007. We are hoping that they mature to be exceptional representations of the breed and make someone's life very happy.  See pictures below.

And here is a picture of what he likes to do best, just relax and chill at home on the grass while investigating everything.


              Brigden and Kendall

Or laying around enjoying life with his friend Kendall.

Here is a picture of Paisley below when she was in Guelph after getting hand stripped by my professional groomer and handler Edgar Rojas to get ready for the show in Barrie. 



More pictures above of Paisley and my professional handler Edgar Rojas at the Wine Country Kennel Club Show in Welland the weekend of October 5th to 8th 2007.

Below is a picture of Keira who is the proud mom of four bouncing puppies born in July 2007.  Brigden is the father and they are absolutely gorgeous puppies.  Two males and two females.  Also a picture of Edina who is Keira's mom and also Paisley's mom. Keira and Paisley are full sisters. 



Here are pics of the litter of two males and two females from Keira and Brigden.  Also a pic of my grand daughter spending quality time with the two female puppies and getting them kid friendly for her gram.

Here is a new addition to Sauder's West Highland Terrier Kennel.  Introducing "Retro of Surprise" or otherwise known as Macgregor.  Macgregor went to his first show the weekend of April 18th to 20th in Fergus, Ontario.  He was handled and shown by professional handler Drobel Rojas.  Here is a picture below of Macgregor and Drobel at the Guelph and District Kennel Club show in Fergus.

Pictured below is the very newest addition to Sauder's Kennel.   "Rayo De Luna (Espinola) MEX. FCI" known around the house at Bentley.  Bentley is from Mexico and comes from a wonderful man Angel Espinola and also a wonderful daughter Angy who I was fortunate enough to meet when she travelled to Canada.  Bentley has a wonderful attitude and we are hoping for big things from him in the future.  He will be starting his show career in 2009.  Bentley has an exceptional pedigree.  We thank Angel for entrusting us with this wonderful pup.

Bentley started his show career in April 2009

Here is a picture below of "Rayo De Luna (Espinola) MEX. FCI"
known around the house as
now that he is all grown up and what a wonderful boy!!!!
Professionally handled by Edgar Rojas.
Thank you Edgar for doing an exceptional job with Bentley. 
And also thank you once again to Angel Espinola of Mexico for entrusting me with this wonderful dog.

Great News!! We Are On Our Way To The Top!! 

-The weekend of August 4 - 6th, 2007 at the Barrie Show Paisley received one point towards her Canadian Championship with the great work and skill of pro handler Edgar Rojas who made an inexperienced dog look like a pro. Thanks Edgar.

-The weekend of October 6 - 8th, 2007 Paisley got Best Puppy in Group(one day before her first birthday) and Best of Breed at the Wine Country Kennel Club Show in Welland under the expert handling of Edgar Rojas who made her look like a star once again. 

Below are the CKC shows that
Brigden and Macgregor attended to complete their Canadian Championship.  They were both handled by Drobel Rojas.

W.D. O'La La Big City Life - Brigden

Limestone City Kennel Club                 July 27, 2007        2 points

Oakville & District Kennel Club         Sept 8, 2007          3 points

Burlington Kennel  Club                        Sept 20, 2007       1 point

Pine Ridge Kennel Club                         Sept 28, 2007       2 points

Pine Ridge Kennel Club                         Sept 29, 2007       2 points

Wine Country Kennel Club                   Oct 6, 2007           1 point

Wine Country Kennel Club                   Oct 7, 2007           1 point

Retro of Surprise - Macgregor


Arnprior Canine Association           May 9, 2008            2 points

Arnprior Canine Association           May 10, 2008          2 points

Terrier Breeders Association          May 17, 2008          1 point

K.W Kennel Club                                May 17, 2008          1 point

K.W Kennel Club                                May 18, 2008          1 point

Hamilton Kennel Club                      June 27, 2008          2 points

Kawartha Kennel Club                     July 6, 2008              1 point

Kawartha Kennel Club                     July 7, 2008              1 point


-Professional All Breed Handler Edgar Rojas took Bentley to his first dog show the first weekend of April 2009 to the Nickel Classic Dog Show in Sudbury to start his show career.  His first weekend out he got four Reserve Winners Dog and also one Reserve Winners Dog in the Terrier Specialty.

-His second weekend out was Easter Weekend April 10th to 12th 2009 at the Champlain Dog Club show in Petawawa and with Edgar Rojas great work Bentley found his true terrier personality and improved greatly to win one Reserve Winners Dog, two Best of Breed and one Group Second.  Bentley received six of the ten points required to complete his Canadian Championship.

-Bentley received two more points towards his Canadian Championship the weekend of April 17th to 19th 2009 at the Club Canin De L'Estrie dog show in Quebec.  He got one Best of Breed.  Just two more points to go and we will have a new Canadian Champion.

-Bentley finished up and got his last two needed points and became a New Canadian Champion at the Thunder Bay show the weekend of May 1st to 3rd 2009 with Edgar Rojas expertly handling him once again.

Thank you Edgar Rojas for handling Bentley so wonderfully and also a big thank you to Angel Espinola for entrusting me with this great young dog.  We hope Bentley will sire some exceptional puppies.

Hopefully with the help of my handlers and the great breeders I have purchased these awesome pups from we will have many more champions in the future.  Can I say more!!

Check back as we try to update regularly and keep everyone posted on new developments.