Sauder's West Highland Terriers

lovable wee lads and lasses

Puppies Being Born

Here is a page where you can actually see a litter being born at Sauder's Kennel.  I spent the day in the living room helping mom deliver her little cuteys.  Nice size puppies.  Mom did a great job.  Nice fat puppies and hungry little machines.

Here is a picture of mom just starting labor.

This picture is mom starting to push.


 Here is the first puppy.   A little girl. 

   Here is the second puppy, a little male.


Here comes another puppy, another male. 

Here is the first puppy cuddled up nursing.

Some new puppies, more still coming.

 Three males and three females.

A great day at the kennel.  More little chubby faces all pushing in to nurse.  Soon the pitter patter of little puppy feet.