Sauder's West Highland Terriers

lovable wee lads and lasses

Letters from Purchasers

Hello Kim,

Just letting you know the pups arrived safe and sound and seem to be settling into the house.  Everyone just loves them and thank goodness the holidays are over we can get organized.  Had to block of the stairs as they learned very quickly how to go up, they love going outside and are starting to pee and poop out there (at least once).They are eating good and drinking good.  We just love them. One is named Sassy and the other Ella. Attaching a couple of pictures. 

Have a good day.

Hi Kimberley,

I adopted a puppy from you way back in October.  We named him Jug head.
He is now 8 months old and my husband and I just adore him.  He is our baby.  I look forward to leaving work every day knowing that when I arrive home, he'll be there to greet me.  He is so smart and such a quick learner. We were able to house train him in no time.  He is the greatest gift we have ever received. I just wanted to send you a note to say THANK YOU! He is almost at his full size, weighing about 17 pounds and in great health. Thank you again for our precious Jughead.  

Take care,
Catherine and Dexter

Hi Kimberley
We got Scotty's certificate today.  Thank you so much. 
Scotty has become such a little blessing in our lives, he is so spoiled and knows it.  His last visit to the vet was January 6th and he was a whoppping 11.5 lbs then I am sure he is pushing 14 lbs now.  He has learned quite a few tricks, smart little bugger, he sits pretty, lays down, does a little dance.  He knows stay and come here (sometimes he pretends he don't hear us)  He has mastered the stairs both ways and has free run of the house when we are home and chases the cats like crazy, he is still in his crate when we are at work and at night when we go to bed he has a separate upstairs just for bedtime.  Anyway thanks for him and his paperwork.



Hi Kim

Molly's certificate arrived this morning.  A picture of Molly take July 17th after her first
haircut.  She is a very good looking
puppy.  She is still very puppy-active and very bright and very dominant.  We are enjoying her very much.  

Hi Kim
Hope you remember us, the Newfies!!  We
love our little westie ssssssooooooooo much!!!   Just wondering about getting a sister or brother for Brody.  Do you are will you have any puppies
available in the near future? 
Can't wait to hear back from you.
Thanks, Alison and Don



Hi Kim
Here are some pics of Neo's first Christmas.  He had a blast, and was spoiled wrotten of course. 
He's our pride and joy!!  Enjoy the pictures.
Jen Morson

Hi Kim
Just wanted to let you know that Duffy is the happiest, friendliest little dog you could ever


Hi Kim,
It's Deborah Lennox here.  I bought a Westie from you (born Oct 3) in December.  As promised here are some photos of our little guy.  He is an awesome sailor.
Take care!

She just knows she is cute up there, with her little scrunchie and harness,
she loved the tractor


Hi Kim!
I took Jake to the local pet store to have his picture taken and this is what i got back....
he was the perfect little model....He is a lovely addition to our family and i can't remember what we did before Jake was a part of it....He loves to go for long walks with his friend Charlie (my boyfriend's 13 year old Chihuahua) and he enjoys sitting on my 7th floor balcony and watching the activity below!!!!  Did the lady from the Barkery in Stratford get in touch with you????  I told  her about Jake and she was eager to find a brother or sister for her little Samantha! Hope you like the pictures....
Lisa and Jake!