Sauder's West Highland Terriers

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Breeder's policies on accepting visitors at their residence to meet their dogs and puppies vary as much as breeders themselves do!  There is no right way or no wrong way, it is all a matter of breeder's preference to the procedure they go by.

None of us breeders have exactly the same policy or health guarantee etc, thatís for sure.

We are very strict here at Sauderís Kennel.

Let me explain why, beginning with a discussion of Parvovirus, a deadly disease in dogs.

**Parvovirus** defines Parvo in this way: 

Parvovirus is a viral disease of dogs. It affects puppies much more frequently than it affects adult dogs. The virus likes to grow in rapidly dividing cells. The intestinal lining has the biggest concentration of rapidly dividing cells in a puppy's body. The virus attacks and kills these cells, causing diarrhea (often bloody), depression and suppression of white blood cells.

In very young puppies it can infect the heart muscle and lead to sudden death.

 Parvo is an opportunist disease that can live for years on pavement where a sick dog has vomited or defecated and thus continuing to re-infect other animals.  Some strains are more deadly than others and we have recently heard reports of already-vaccinated dogs getting sick with it.

Parvo has been around for years, and seems to come and go Ė sometimes lots of outbreaks, sometimes not as many. Recently there have been many outbreaks and this causes us great concern as owners and breeders, as we do not want any of our puppies or dogs exposed. Once you see a dog infected with Parvo, youíll do anything you can to ensure you never see it again. Itís one of the worst viruses around. It will break your heart to see a dog with it.

Many who get it do not survive, and puppies have the highest death rates.

Fortunately, there are vaccinations available for Parvo, and we make sure all our dogs and puppies are vaccinated. For puppies, the series is not complete until the pups are 16 weeks old. Of course if you are picking your puppy up at around 8 weeks old, youíll need to finish out the series with your own vet to ensure he is completely protected.

We realize many people like to meet the parents of their prospective pup and see where they live prior to making a purchase, or even want to pick out their puppy in person before they make a lifetime commitment. This is understandable, BUT this puts our dogs and puppies at risk for and other diseases. Instead, we do things a little differently here at Parvo"Sauderís Kennel", and have worked out a compromise we hope is acceptable to you. We actually do like your input through pictures, in which pup appeals to you. Puppies are chosen on a first reserved basis by making a deposit.  All deposits are non-refundable so make sure this is the breed for you before you reserve and pay a deposit.


From our perspective the reason we do this is as follows:  We are not a "PUPPYMILL" Ė we do this for the love of the breed. We are dedicated to preserving our fine reputation by making sure all our puppies and dogs are safe. We definitely want to see you happy with your new baby, but we need to be, above all else, guardians for our dogs and puppies Ė as well as for your new puppy, always putting their safety and well being first.

**Preparing to Pick Up Your New Puppy**

Please do not visit any other kennels, breeders, pet stores or places where there could be unvaccinated dogs.  Please wear freshly washed shoes. On the way home with your new puppy we suggest that if you stop at a rest stop, you not allow your pup out in any area where other dogs could have been. I usually pull off down a side road and let the puppy do their business in a ditch.  Please make sure you have bags with you to clean up after your puppy.  Also take care not to expose your pup to public dog areas before he has had all his boosters plus rabies at 16 weeks of age.  We apologize for the disappointment this may cause some families who would like to visit our dogs but we know a number of breeders who have lost whole litters to Parvo and we are not taking any chances with our babies. We know this is a lot to think about, and may make you think twice about getting a puppy from "Sauderís Kennel".  However, Parvo is a serious issue. We are dedicated to not bringing it into our facility. This is the only way that we can ensure your puppy will not contract this horrible disease from our kennel.

**We sincerely hope our kennel will provide you with a lifelong happy, healthy Sauder Puppy who will become a well-loved family member.**