Sauder's West Highland Terriers

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Puppy Health and Safety


For the safety of all dogs and puppies no one outside our immediate family are allowed to handle, pet, play, view and feed your puppy or walk in the kennel and maternity areas.  Humans can track in various and serious dog diseases that could be devastating to the puppies and dogs.  We protect your pup as our own.  For this reason, people purchasing puppies view the parents and puppies after the puppies have had their shots and are ready to go to their new homes.  Viewing and puppy pickup is done on an appointment only basis. To insure the health of your puppy visitors are not allowed in the kennel area.  Strangers viewing and walking in these areas excites and upsets the dogs and puppies.  Just think of it like this---you are not allowed to go running and wandering through a maternity ward at the hospital and just like a maternity ward my whelping area where moms are having puppies is a puppy maternity ward so there will be no wandering and running through it either.  We have had well meaning adults and children who have stepped on, dropped or inappropriately disturbed our dogs and puppies.  All puppies are vet checked, have first shots and dewormed before they are viewed and handled by prospective purchasers.  We have healthy animals and want to protect them from injury and illness.  Following these guidelines allows us to provide overall kennel safety and healthy puppies.  Our kennel facilities are a bio secure area.  Our goal is to give you and your new puppy the best quality service.  I am confident that after you have read this you will understand and not ask me to change my policies or make just one exception when my practices have been working great for a number of years now.  And also you will not be allowed to stand outside the window and look in to view the mom and pups so please donít ask.  I have heard that one many times.  Another reason for the way I do visits is because of a large amount of reported cases of Parvo Virus in the United States and Canada.  Parvo Virus is a highly contagious disease that can be carried from kennel to kennel or from parks, vet offices, pet stores, etc. on your shoes, clothing, skin and can wipe out a whole kennel in a matter of a few days.  The dog flu is also on the rise and is similar to kennel cough.  These are both very highly contagious diseases that could have disastrous results in a litter of puppies.  Something I hope I never experience. Please see "Kennel Visitation 2" page for more information on this deadly disease. Another reason for my visitation protocol is due to inconsiderate people that in the past have traveled from kennel to kennel or pet store to kennel and then lie and tell me that they have not been around any dogs or puppies.  Usually they slip up and let something slip out or their children do about puppies they have just looked at before coming here.  After having kennel cough carried in to my puppies on three different occasions within a short period of time after doing puppy visits with prospective purchasers I was forced to change my visiting requirements.  I used to let people come and visit and pick out their puppy at four to five weeks of age but after these problems and lengthy conversations with my vets I was forced to change my practices.  Thank goodness it was only kennel cough and nothing more serious that could have had devastating results with puppy and dog health.  Health is a number one priority at Sauderís West Highland White Terrier Kennel.  After lengthy conversations with my vet we decided that the above practices of viewing and picking up puppies after shots and vet check and when the puppies are ready to leave for new homes would be the safest health wise way for the puppies and dogs and in the best interest for purchaserís and myself.  This method has been working great for a number of years now.  I have had great health and a lot of happy puppy purchasers.  This method allows me to monitor health and offer healthy and happy puppies to their new families and forever homes.  Hopefully this explains my reasons to everyoneís satisfaction.  We can forward pictures before the pup is reserved so you can see the litter.  Therefore all puppies are reserved with deposits being required to hold a puppy until ready to leave for their new home.  Puppies are reserved and chose in the order that the deposit was received by Sauder's Kennel.  No puppy will be reserved and held without a deposit being paid by the purchaser.  All deposits are made directly to my bank account or by email money transfer and then the balance in cash at the time of puppy pickup.  Cash is required for payment because of bounced cheques over the years.  It is not worth the aggravation of having to track down purchasers or the trauma involved in repossessing the puppy from a family with children to try and get my money that is owed for the puppy.  All deposits are non-refundable (ask for details if you have questions) so please make sure this is the breed for you before you reserve and pay a deposit. There will be absolutely no prior visits before puppy pickup because of all above reasons.  Please do not ask me to make just one exception.  That is all it takes to risk my dogs or puppies health and I am not willing under any circumstance to do this.  People pick in the order they have reserved and paid deposits for their future puppy.  You will also be informed when the litter is born which weekend the puppies should  most likely be ready to leave for their new home (if all goes well in their development and with vet check)  It is up to the purchaser to make arrangements to be here the date I have specified to them when the litter was born.  If they are unable to attend on the date I have specified and this is not discussed with myself immediately and ahead of puppy pickup date there will be extra daily charges for board and care of the puppy from the time the puppy is ready to leave Sauderís West Highland White Terrier Kennel until the day the puppy is picked up by purchaser.  These costs must be paid at the time of puppy pickup along with the remaining balance of puppy in cash as well (ask for details about costs and circumstances) I made this rule as I sometimes have outings planned with my family and would have to reschedule everything and arrange someone to look after the puppies for me.  I feel that if people are informed of the weekend for puppy pickup ahead of time there should be no problem with this.  I have found this a very fair and reasonable way to provide a Sauderís puppy to their new forever homes.  Please note once again all deposits are non-refundable so make sure this is the breed for you before you reserve and pay a deposit.  I do not accept cheques, money orders or certified cheques because of past problems.  Purchasers are required to bring the full final payment amount in cash.  Please do not ask me to change this.  Anyone can go to the bank and withdraw the full purchase amount ahead of time and have it ready on puppy pickup day.  I will make no exceptions to this.  Receipts can be issued if requested.  We sincerely hope our kennel will provide you with a lifelong happy, healthy Sauder West Highland White Terrier Puppy who will become a well-loved family companion.  To discuss any of the visiting document please feel free to email me at



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