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Sauder's Kennel is one of a few kennels that offers to share the joy of raising our West Highland White Terriers with local families through a fostering program. 
Our foster program allows our breeding dogs to be raised as a happy healthy family member they were meant to be but at the same time the dog remains a vital part of our breeding program. 
Our foster families share their time and homes to raise our West Highland White Terriers then once the dog has matured, the dog contributes to our breeding program by adding the dog's wonderful genetics to our lines. 

At Sauder's Kennel we want our dogs to be as happy and healthy as possible. To do this we look for secure family homes for our dogs to live in while they are not being bred.  In order to breed healthy dogs from quality stock you need a number of unrelated adult dogs in your breeding program.  I do not believe in line breeding or inbreeding so this being said I need to have numerous unrelated bloodlines to choose from when breeding to keep producing loving happy healthy pets for future puppy families. 
Sauder's Kennel does not support Puppy Mills nor the type of treatments and living conditions these dogs have to endure in such establishments. 
Our dogs are NOT kept in cages for the purpose of breeding.  Some of our breeding dogs reside with us on the property and are part of the family. 
To ensure that our breeding dogs get to live a normal life as part of a loving family Sauder's Kennel has established a Foster Home Program. 
Therefore, some of our future breeding dogs will be adopted by approved Foster Families.  Placing selected puppies of breeding quality in foster homes allows our breeding dogs to become cherished members of loving families.  They will only visit us for breeding, come back to our home for whelping, raising puppies and then return to their families once their puppies are approximately eight weeks old.  Our females are only bred once a year and will not have more than 4 litters during their participation in the breeding program.  Our females are then spayed and become permanent members of their foster family for the rest of their life. 

If you are interested in being part of our Foster Home Program and would like more information please contact us via email.  Please mention your interest to be part of the Foster Home Program. 


Who Qualifies for a Foster Dog?
Sauder's Kennel is very selective of who we choose to become a foster family. Our primary concern is that our dogs go into safe homes where they will be well taken care of and not get run over by a car or allowed to escape and get lost. We expect the foster parents to allow the dogs to be house dogs. We look for people who have had dogs before. In fact the ideal person is one who has just had a dog die of old age. This is a person who knows how to take care of a dog.
We do not give dogs to people that want farm dogs, nor do we give dogs to people who are going to keep them strictly as an outside kennel dog. I also do not give dogs to people who have any type of criminal history. I am not concerned about traffic tickets, but any type of criminal activity for either of the spouses will not work.

Foster family must live within a two hour drive of the breeder.

What are the Foster Family's Responsibilities?
While the foster family does not pay for the puppy (or young adult), they must agree to purchase a dog crate and do the sessions of puppy schooling, etc. They must also agree to feed the food that Sauder's Kennel feeds.
At the present time we are feeding TLC Whole Life Natural Dog Food.  You can get more info at the following link

TLC Whole Life Petfood - Lamb and rice formula, all natural, super-premuim, Free delivery to your home or office in the US and Canada -

The foster home program is a good deal for the dog, it's a good deal for the foster parents, and it's a good deal for my breeding program. It's one of those "win - win" situations for everyone involved.

We are hoping that our program benefits everyone involved.  Our breeding dogs are placed in wonderful homes to be raised and loved, our foster families share the experience of raising their dog and in return for their involvement in the program add a quality member to their family.  And we continue to do what we love to do best with a breed that's meant so much to us!!

This bitch(now referred to as the dog)will reside with the foster family except when needed to travel to the breeders for the purpose of breeding and also for whelping.  The foster family will notify the breeder immediately when the dog has it's heat cycle.  The breeder will inform the foster family when the dog is to be returned for breeding and will inform the foster family when they can pick the dog up after breeding is finished.  The foster family will return the dog to the breeder one week prior to whelping.  And then the dog will stay at the breeders for approximately eight weeks after whelping.  All transportation of the dog is at the foster family's expense.  The foster family will keep the breeders up to date on the development of the dog and inform the breeder when the dog comes into heat each time.
The foster family will keep this dog with full regard to her safety, health, mental well being, socialization and training needs and in such physical condition suitable for breeding.  This dog will not be tied up nor let run loose.  When in heat, the dog will be kept safely on lead or at home to avoid unwanted matings.  (Note: breeder has the right to see the dog to make sure she has not been either intentionally/unintentionally bred on her rest heat.)  Also in some cases if the foster family requests the breeder may keep the dog at their location during the rest heat cycle, to be discussed and arranged depending on breeder's schedule.
All costs associated with returning the dog to the breeders for all the above mentioned times are the responsibility of the foster family.  This dog will not be bred until at least one year of age and have no more than four litters.  Most females are retired by the age of five.
If the breeder decides on the advice of their veterinarian future pregnancies will be harmful to the dog the dog will be withdrawn from the breeding program.  After being spayed, at the breeder's expense (if the dog has produced live litters that lived) the breeder will transfer ownership to the foster family.  If the dog never has a litter (that are alive and lives) the cost of the spay will be the foster family's responsibility. 
Transfer fees are at the breeder's expense.
During pregnancy, the foster family will follow all health instructions from the breeder.  If any additional vitamins or supplements are necessary they will be supplied by at the breeders expense.

The breeder will insist on the dog being returned to the breeder if it is learned the dog is allowed to run loose without supervision, if she is accidentally bred, if the foster family fails to inform the breeder of the dog's heat cycles, if the dog becomes so overweight that her health is at risk, if the foster family moves over two hours away from the breeder's residence and transportation of the dog cannot be arranged between the breeder and foster family etc.

The foster family will not pay the breeder for the dog.
All costs of routine care, food, shelter, training, routine and emergency veterinary services while with the foster family will be at the foster family's expense. 
Any veterinary bills associated with breeding and delivery while at the breeder's home will be the breeder's responsibility. 
The breeder requires that the dog remain on the food that the breeder is currently feeding.  More information on this food, TLC pet food, can be viewed on a link above and also on the breeder's website.
If the foster family decides to enter the dog to receive her title, cost of the entry fee for CKC events including confirmation shows, obedience trials, will be shared between the foster family and the breeder.  At the breeder's discretion.

If, for whatever reasons, the foster family can no longer care for the dog while the dog is in the breeding program, the dog is to be immediately returned to the breeder.
If, at the breeder's discretion the dog is removed from the breeding program, the dog may live permanently with the foster family on the condition that the dog is spayed at the breeder's expense (if a live living litter has been produced, otherwise spaying will be at the foster family's expense) and the ownership will be transferred into the foster family's name as the breeder's expense.
After the dog has completed the breeding program outlined above, the dog will be spayed at the breeder's expense (if live living litters were produced, otherwise at the foster family's expense) and the breeder will then transfer the ownership of the dog to the foster family's name at the breeder's expense.

Should the dog die as the result of any accident due to any negligence on the part of the foster family, such as but not limited to the following-drowning, car accident, swallowed object, etc then the foster family will pay the breeder the equivalent of the selling price of one puppy at the time of dog's death.  This must be paid within thirty days of dog's death. 
An autopsy must be performed by the foster family's vet at the foster family's expense immediately after death.  The breeder must be supplied with a copy of the autopsy report from the foster family's vet within seventy two hours of death.
We are hoping to have a wonderful and trusting relationship with all our foster families and hope to never have to worry about an accidental death of one of our dogs, or a foster family moving and not contacting us or a foster family breeding one of our dogs, etc.

We have set this foster family program up to benefit everyone involved and most of all the dog.
Lets all work together to make it a great experience.

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